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Common replace skf bearings heating method

Release date:2022-7-27

The most common method to replace the SKF Bearing in two ways: one is to use acetylene oxygen skf bearing direct heating; the other is for small bearings used in oil heating to achieve thermal expansion, the expansion of the inner diameter of the bearing for assembly. These methods have been widely used in the long-term maintenance of equipment, to meet and resolve the basic maintenance of equipment bearing assembly problems. But two methods to ensure the bearing temperature value whether the average heated area, it is difficult to determine the heating process. Since conventional oxygen acetylene gas burner heating are single, and heating process just empirically, is warmed SKF Bearing temperature was added to the appropriate number of degrees difficult to grasp. The temperature is too high, the bearings will anneal to reduce the mechanical properties of the bearing; temperature is too low, the thermal expansion value is not enough, difficult to assemble. In equipment repairs, repairman sometimes due to insufficient heating SKF bearings, SKF bearings mounted within a precise location, forced forced to take down the heavy equipment, thereby increasing the labor intensity. To this end, we hereby propose a change in the traditional bearings.

1. Electrically heated replace oxygen acetylene heating. The plane designed as a cylindrical electric furnace, named for SKF bearings electric heater, depending on the bearing diameter can be designed into different power and size of the bearing electrical heater (bearing diameter in the range of optimum combination φ300mm / above) ʱ?? This heating device has the following advantages: thermal radiation average, not chaos, is warmed SKF Bearing surface no dust, clean, clean, easy to measure and control the temperature of SKF bearings.

2. Using an infrared thermometer to be heated SKF Bearing surface temperature monitoring. Heating value of the bearing assembly is generally controlled at 100 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ appropriate. In this temperature, the maximum value of thermal expansion of steel bearings, SKF bearings facilitate assembly, this temperature value without changing the bearing of mechanical properties, and high reliability.