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Cause and solution of heating of rolling bearing

Release date:2022-8-2

Machine tool's axis parts, especially the main shaft, generally with the rolling bearings or sliding bearing assembly into one, and with a very high speed of rotation, and sometimes it will produce a high heat. If this phenomenon is not removed in time will lead to overheating of bearing, and make appropriate machine parts of the temperature rise and thermal deformation, serious causes the spindle and tailstock unequal height, which not only affects the precision and accuracy of the machine itself and the bearing burn. The reasons for heating of the main shaft bearing and the methods of elimination are shown in Table 1.

Cause of fever of rolling bearing and its elimination method

(1) reason: bearing low accuracy

Method: the precision grade of the bearing is selected.

(2) reason: the main shaft bending or box hole is not concentric

Method: fix the spindle or box

(3) the reason: the belt is too tight

Method: adjust the belt to make the appropriate

(4) reason: poor lubrication

Method: the material of the grade of the material is selected and appropriate for cleaning.

(5) reason: low quality of assembly

Method: improve the quality of assembly

(6): bearing shell laps

Method: replacement of bearings and related wear parts

(7) axial force is too large

Method: the clearance between the 0.2 ~ 0.3mm is required to correct the balance hole diameter of the impeller and the static equilibrium value.

8) bearing damage

Method: replace bearing