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Principles of bearing selection and application

Release date:2022-8-15

Rolling bearing arrangement includes not only, but also with bearing-related components, such as shafts and housings. A very important part of the lubricant is bearing arrangement, since the lubricant to the anti-wear anti-corrosion, so the bearing to fully play its role. In addition, also a very important component, the seal performance of the seal member cleaning is essential for the lubricant. Cleanliness has a profound effect on bearing life, which is why lubricants and seals have become part of the SKF business reason.

In order to design Rolling command,

- Select the appropriate bearing type

- Determine the appropriate bearing size,

But this is not enough. Also consider other aspects:

- Such as the bearing arrangement suitable form and design of other components,

- The right fit and bearing internal clearance or preload

- Fixing means,

- Appropriate seals,

- Lubricant type and dose, and

- Installation and removal methods.

Each individual's decision will affect the bearing arrangement of performance, reliability and economy.